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Tuesday, December 13, 2016
By Abbie
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Well, without further ado, I'd like to announce that I'm now offering video services!! This comes after so many of my couples have asked me time and time again, "Do you offer video, too?".  I just felt like it was the right time to jump into this new journey!  Right now I'm only offering video to my couples that have signed a photography contract with us for 2017/2018. I am looking to open up video options to the public towards to end of 2017.  

Myself and my staff photographer Casey Serr (who's specialty is video) have been working together with several of our couples this past year to perfect this process. (We had several couples sign up to be our guinea pigs! LOL) We are still tweaking a few things here and there but are so excited for this journey to officially begin.  Casey will be heading up the video department and will also be our Lead Staff Cinematographer!  We've already got several wedding video shoots under our belt and today we're debuting our very first Cinematic Music Video!!

Keep in mind that I'm intending our video style to be very much the same as our photography: naturally lit, fun, emotional, light-hearted, rough around the edges and REAL!!

I'm not here to convince you one way or the other if video is for you. I'm just here to offer it to you with the ATP style and professionalism that I demand with my photography. I'm a HUGE sucker for a cinematic music video of your entire day. (Can't lie - I cry when I watch them!) and I can't deny that having the option to have the video and the audio from your ceremony and reception is pretty awesome.

Please enjoy Erin & Ryan's ATP Cinematic Music Video featuring their big day at The Cathedral Basilica and The Caramel Room at Bissinger's.

Erin + Ryan: Married: An Abbie Takes Pictures Cinematic Feature Video from Abbie Takes Pictures on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 27, 2016
By Abbie
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Liza & Casey were married on a Sunday afternoon last October on one of the most gorgeous days of the year.  Their ceremony and reception were at The Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel in Washington, MO.  These guys live in Washington, so their choice was easy on where to get married.  This venue is stunning!  The chapel is full of natural light and the vineyards were perfectly picturesque.  They even have cottages on the grounds!

My favorite part of their wedding day was that they wanted pictures at their house with their dog after the reception was over.  I LOVE being able to really take custom images that truly capture the essence of the people I'm photographing.  Having Liza and Casey in their front yard with their pup was amazing... but what topped that was the view from their front porch!  I posted the photo of them there on their porch as their Sneak Peek and I've never received more comments and compliments!  The view is simply breathtaking.  (Can you image walking out to that view every day?!  WOW!)

Congrats to Liza & Casey on celebrating their First Anniversary a few weeks ago and THANK YOU SO MUCH for choosing Abbie Takes Pictures!!  Please see below for a complete list of all the hard working, talented vendors that contributed to their big day!


Mr. & Mrs. Reed's Vendor Team

Ceremony & Reception Venue: ​The Vineyards at Riverbend Chapel​

Florist: Four Seasons ​Florist  

Cake: Wedding Wonderland Cakes​ 

Ceremony music: Landolfi Quartet 

Gown: The Ultimate Bride

Tuxedos: Savvi Formalwear

Hair & Makeup: Emily Miller​

Photography: Abbie Takes Pictures

Friday, June 24, 2016
By Abbie
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To say that Shannon & Zach are HUGE movie buffs is quite an understatement.  During my first meeting with them, I would venture to say that Zach quoted no less then 10 movies during our first hour of conversation at their bridal consult!  They have transformed their basement into a theater where they have weekly movie nights.  They even host an annual Oscar Party with all of their friends (where formal attire is required) complete with a red carpet, awards, speeches, statuettes, and even paparazzi! (I mean, seriously... how awesome is that?!)

As I got to know these two, I knew they needed an engagement session as fun and unique as they are.  I approached them about an idea i had and they were completely on board.  They let me have complete creative control and were content letting my crazy ideas run wild!!  I rented the Tivoli Theater in The Loop on Delmar for a few hours on a Saturday morning and Zach and Shannon showed up with all of their own vintage props!  (Once again -- how adorable is that?!)  They even had a bag full of popcorn, just in case we wanted to use it for the photos.  I mean, c'mon... how could I resist?

Later that night, we met up again where I surprised them with a cool idea I wanted to try out.  I told them to bring several of their favorite movies with them and just show up.  I took a DVD player and hooked it up to a projector, projecting some of their favorite movie scenes on a big wall.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Beauty & the Beast, and Mary Poppins were the ones we chose to have some fun with! (The story of how we actually executed and pulled this off is one for the record books... make sure you ask me about it next time you me! LOL!)  A HUGE THANKS goes out to Casey (ATP Staff Photographer) and to Heather (ATP Intern) for all of their help that day!

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!



Thursday, June 16, 2016
By Abbie
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First of all - let me say how excited I am to announce that this wedding was published in the 2016 Spring/Summer issue St. Louis Bride Magazine!

Liz & Ellen were married on one of the hottest days last summer.  However, the heat was never really a big factor in their day.  Everyone was so happy and laid back that it was one of the best weddings we shot last year!  They chose to get married in St. Louis at Ellen's parent's house.  It could quite possibly be one of my most favorite houses in this city.  From the incredible front and back yards, to the lovely charm that the architecture has... it just warms your heart the minute you pull up in the driveway. Hearing all of Ellen's stories about growing up there - from the tree she used to climb, to seeing her childhood bedroom... it was just so special to know she was adding another chapter to her memories there.

These two came to me through a past ATP Bride (Hello, Alice!).  Referrals are how my business thrives.  It means so much to me when my couples are so thrilled with their experience with me that they are compelled to tell others about it!  When we sat down to chat about their big day, I knew right away that I wanted to photograph their wedding.  These two are spunky, family oriented, travelers, adventurers, dog lovers, and quite honestly --- totally in love.

This wedding was planned down to every detail!  Let me tell you - these families know how to party!  They had some of the best vendors in the city working with them that day and everything was executed flawlessly.

Thank you both for choosing Abbie Takes Pictures and allowing me to capture the beginning of this new chapter in your life together!  Here's to all of your new journeys!!!

Liz & Ellen's Vendor Team

Floral Design: Schnuck's Florist

Liz's Dress: Nuptial de David

Ellen's Dress: Fleur De Lis Bridal

Caterer: Hendri's Catering

Cake: Lubeley's Bakery

Ceremony Music: Rosewood Ensemble

Reception Music: Pineal Creative

Linens & Rentals: Weinhardt Party Rentals

Abbie Takes Pictures St. Louis Missouri Wedding Photographer

Monday, February 29, 2016
By Abbie
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A many of you know, I'm currently vacationing in Hawaii.  I cannot begin to tell you how increidbly stunning this place is.  Every turn on every road, every view from each beach I've visited... one visual is more gorgeous then the next.  It's seriously surreal.  It truly feels like something out of movie because it seems so unreal.  I'm humbled seeing this kind of landscape because it really makes me feel so incredibly small in this HUGE universe.  (Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Saint Louis - but c'mon... HAWAII??!!  WOW.  Just WOW!!)

Everytime I travel, people always say "I can't wait to see all of your awesome pictures!".  To be completely truthful, I hate hearing this.  Why??   Because I always feel like I'm going to disappoint people when I tell them I take nature and beach photos with my cell phone. LOL!   Over time I have come to believe that a true photographer really knows where their passion lies when it comes to their art.  They know when they feel alive with a camera in their hands, and this is why people are drawn to their images.  I am a firm believer that you can tell when a photographer loves their job just by looking at their photos.  For me, I feel the magic come alive when I photograph human beings.  Capturing people - from the way they move to the expressions on their faces --- THIS is what makes me feel alive!!

Enter Hawaii.  :)

I knew, without a doubt, that I'd want to photograph this incredible place... but I wanted to do it my way.

Here's just a little bit of what I photographed 6 hours after I landed close to midnight.  Me and my crew woke up 1.5 hours before the sun rose to drive 45 minutes in the dark to a beach that had what I envisioned in my head as the perfect spot to capture the passion of Hawaii.  Little did I know I would have to become an expert at mountain climbing to do this!  I can't lie: It was terrifying to face this fear! I still can't believe I climbed all the way down... and ALL the way back up again.  (See pic below of the climbing route!  No stairs.  No paths.  Just mountain.  Note the woman placed halfway down for scale purposes. HA!)

Most of the images can't be shared due to the intimacy of the photographs, but here are a few to help you see the magic and beauty that I was able to capture.  These two woman are not only incredibly brave, but they are also two of my closest, most cherished friends.  To have them get up hours before the sun just so I could see a photography dream of mine come true was more than I could have ever asked for.  

S & K: I love you both.  You two truly posess & outshine all of Hawaii's beauty. 

And just for fun, I took an image of the beach with my "fancy" camera.