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Tuesday, January 01, 2013
By Abbie
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A blog post from Abbie:

I couldn't be more humbled.  I spent New Years Eve looking back over all of the sessions we did in 2012. It was quite an incredible year, full of love and a ton of giggles!  It's pretty powerful to go back through the pictures from one year and watch children and families grow, couples fall deeper in love, and to remember and see evidence of how much fun we get to have each and every day.

I was sitting at a stop light yesterday, and it dawned on me: I should do a 2012 montage of every session we did! And so, beginning at 1pm, I started collecting a few images from each session. It took me pretty much all day (while lounging on the couch, enjoying the company from one of my BFF's and cooking a casserole in between... ha!)... but I finally finished at about 2am this morning!!

This video has my personal favorites from each session. My favorite moments, details, laughs, hugs, etc. They might not be the pristine "Sneak Peek" images that showcase "the best of the best"... but these pictures show the true emotions and beauty that I see every time I put my camera up to my eye. Thank you to each and every one of you for making my view of the world so incredibly breathtaking...