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Tuesday, February 09, 2016
By Abbie
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Lesa and Dan balance each other out perfectly.  She's a super organized, detail oriented woman and he's a super chill, laid-back loving guy.  Seeing them together is heartwarming and hanging out with them is is so much fun!  Lesa and I worked a long time to come up with the perfect settings for their engagement session to really tell the story of who they are as a couple.  Thankfully, all the stars aligned, and Demun Oyster Bar (their favorite hangout) pulled out all the stops of us!  Make sure you check out this funky, hip bar that serves the freshest oysters in the city!!

Lesa rocked this incredible black dress and vintage-styled heels, while Dan sported a sleek suit.  My inspiration for this location was a smidge of "Madmen" meets "Classy Hip Funky".

Their 2nd location was a more casual look where Lesa and I worked together to coordinate their outfits without making them too "matchy-matchy".  (This is always the key to looking fantastic in your engagement photos!)  I love how her scarf ties in the gorgeous plum color of his sweater.  (Another detail to note: These are some of the major colors in their wedding theme!)

Congratulations, Lesa & Dan!  We're so excited for your big day in May at The 9th Street Abbey with Patty Long Catering!

Friday, August 16, 2013
By Abbie
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Meet Andrew and Nicole. They are fun, warm-hearted, bubbly, passionate, and all-around good people. Within a few minutes of us meeting for the first time, I knew I liked them! We sat for several hours just sharing stories and hanging out (as I do with a lot of our couples), and we really connected. Nicole had a ton of great questions during their consultation, which showed me that she was really prepared for the meeting, and that she and Andrew really had done their research about wedding photography and what to look for in a wedding photographer. (THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!! I'll have a blog post that talks about that very soon!)



One of my favorite things about engagement sessions is that I get to see the couple in a different light.  I get to see them nervous and anxious... and then as the session continues, I get to see the anxiousness melt away, and I watch their real personalities come out.  These two warmed up rather quickly, and really had a great time.  I love how their images are the perfect mix of warm-hearted and silliness.  Some of their facial expressions caused me to crack up!!




We did their session around Lafayette Square.  It's one of my favorite neighborhoods here in St. Louis.  The old, historic buildings make such a great backdrop!  (Also - check out Nikki's shoes in this shot below... aren't they great?!)








This next image is one of my favorites so far this season.  It's not often that I am able to catch a quiet moment between a couple, especially when they are as lively and bubbly as these guys are.  Here, you can see how connected they really are... and it's always an honor to be able to capture a moment like this...




















As their final image, Andrew had one special request: "I need a picture of me upside-down.  Can you do that?"


I think we nailed it...




Congratulations, you two!  We can't wait until April 2014!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
By Abbie
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Amanda & Jerrad came to ATP through mutual friends, and connections through Facebook. Amanda had called me several times to ask questions about our photography (which is ALWAYS a good thing to investigate photographers as much as possible!!), and her and Jerrad ending up coming in for a consultation in February of 2012. The rest is history!

This couple is quiet, compassionate, and truly loving. They have a natural vibe with each other that is full of ease and trust. Seeing them together is comforting, and it's been quite a pleasure to work with them. Not to mention that the way Jerrad looks at Amanda when she's not paying attention speaks volumes about who they are as a couple.

Their engagement session took place in June, on the same day as The Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour - which is a touring car show that travels around the country. We were shooting in an industrial part of downtown, and happened to come across a woman and her son driving a 1960 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon. I flagged them down, and they were more than willing to let us use their car for some pictures! Marilyn was so gracious and excited to have us photograph her vehicle. She was so sweet!! It was pretty cool, if I say so myself!

Congrats, you guys! We are really looking forward to their big day in June 2013!

Thursday, August 09, 2012
By Abbie
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Maggie and John could quite possibly be one of the cutest couples of all time. I call then the "Ideal Italians". :) They met through friends while skating at the Steinburg Ice Rink, and were engaged 5 months later.  As Maggie said, "Sometimes you just know, and it's an easy choice."  (Told you they were cute!)

We did their engagement session in the Italian neighborhood of Saint Louis called "The Hill". It's where Maggie grew up, and we even went and did some shots on the front porch of her grandma's old house. **(And let me just say, before we go any further, that Maggie's dress is one of the most adorable dresses I have ever seen!)**

We found this painted section of sidewalk right in front of her grandma's house!



... and this was taken on the side of the house...




I LOVE these fire hydrants.  They are all over The Hill.  Everywhere you look, there are Italian flags.







This shot below is the perfect example of why I love my job.  Getting this type of laughter through my lens is such a great feeling!






We ended up at the playground that Maggie played at all the time when she was a kiddo.  I would totally say that there's still a lot of playfullness left in her... and in John.  I think that staying youthful and silly is the key to happiness!



Congrats, Maggie & John!  Really looking forward to your big day in September!!!



Pretty great, right??!  How cool is it that we hung out at the playground, swung from the monkey bars and jumped off the swings?!  That's a totally fun engagement session!!  Taking elements that really reflect who you are as a couple and as an individual really help bring out the best in a couple on their engagement session.  The more unique, the better!  We're always happy to help you style your sessions and help you choose great locations, so please don't hesitate to ask!!