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Friday, June 24, 2016
By Abbie
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To say that Shannon & Zach are HUGE movie buffs is quite an understatement.  During my first meeting with them, I would venture to say that Zach quoted no less then 10 movies during our first hour of conversation at their bridal consult!  They have transformed their basement into a theater where they have weekly movie nights.  They even host an annual Oscar Party with all of their friends (where formal attire is required) complete with a red carpet, awards, speeches, statuettes, and even paparazzi! (I mean, seriously... how awesome is that?!)

As I got to know these two, I knew they needed an engagement session as fun and unique as they are.  I approached them about an idea i had and they were completely on board.  They let me have complete creative control and were content letting my crazy ideas run wild!!  I rented the Tivoli Theater in The Loop on Delmar for a few hours on a Saturday morning and Zach and Shannon showed up with all of their own vintage props!  (Once again -- how adorable is that?!)  They even had a bag full of popcorn, just in case we wanted to use it for the photos.  I mean, c'mon... how could I resist?

Later that night, we met up again where I surprised them with a cool idea I wanted to try out.  I told them to bring several of their favorite movies with them and just show up.  I took a DVD player and hooked it up to a projector, projecting some of their favorite movie scenes on a big wall.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Beauty & the Beast, and Mary Poppins were the ones we chose to have some fun with! (The story of how we actually executed and pulled this off is one for the record books... make sure you ask me about it next time you me! LOL!)  A HUGE THANKS goes out to Casey (ATP Staff Photographer) and to Heather (ATP Intern) for all of their help that day!

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!



Tuesday, February 09, 2016
By Abbie
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Lesa and Dan balance each other out perfectly.  She's a super organized, detail oriented woman and he's a super chill, laid-back loving guy.  Seeing them together is heartwarming and hanging out with them is is so much fun!  Lesa and I worked a long time to come up with the perfect settings for their engagement session to really tell the story of who they are as a couple.  Thankfully, all the stars aligned, and Demun Oyster Bar (their favorite hangout) pulled out all the stops of us!  Make sure you check out this funky, hip bar that serves the freshest oysters in the city!!

Lesa rocked this incredible black dress and vintage-styled heels, while Dan sported a sleek suit.  My inspiration for this location was a smidge of "Madmen" meets "Classy Hip Funky".

Their 2nd location was a more casual look where Lesa and I worked together to coordinate their outfits without making them too "matchy-matchy".  (This is always the key to looking fantastic in your engagement photos!)  I love how her scarf ties in the gorgeous plum color of his sweater.  (Another detail to note: These are some of the major colors in their wedding theme!)

Congratulations, Lesa & Dan!  We're so excited for your big day in May at The 9th Street Abbey with Patty Long Catering!

Sunday, January 24, 2016
By Abbie
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Take the most kind-hearted, compassionate, hard-working nurse and pair her with the most social, energetic, kind man... and you've got yourself Erin & Ryan.  This couple joined the 2016 ATP Wedding Family early last summer and I'd been looking forward to their engagement session for quite some time.  When we first met, I knew I wanted to travel to Columbia, MO (and to the Mizzou Campus!) to take their photos for this session.   Columbia is where they met and fell in love.  Through college their relationship blossomed into the love of a lifetime.  They even told me about "this huge tree in the middle of a field"v and I knew exactly what they were talking about and had been dying to shoot there for a very long time!!

In late October, we traveled halfway across the state.  I was so pleased with the overcast weather (a photographer's dream!) and even had Daniel Berry ( there to assist during the shoot.

Do you ever smile so much that your face hurts?? Ryan sure does and had us cracking up with his "face massages"... :)

We also learned that if Erin wants Ryan to "dip" her in the middle of the street that we should probably prep both of them with a countdown.  We almost had a major trauma occur... but thank goodness for Ryan's quick moves!!  He immediately yelled to Dan and I, "Dude!  Did you guys see that!  That wasn't a dip - that was a TRUST FALL!" LOL!!  We all couldn't stop giggling once we realized that she was safe. :)

As you can see... they did nail the shot the second time! 

Also - a HUGE THANKS to the always chipper and hilarious Daniel Berry.  You were an awesome assistant!

We can't wait for their big day in August 2016 at The Caramel Room at Bissinger's, one of our favorite venues in St. Louis, MO!