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Welcome to the Abbie Takes Pictures Blog!  We are a fun, creative photography studio established in 2009 that focuses on capturing the true essence of who you are!  We are all about creating an incredible experience for you that is relaxed, memorable and empowering.

Here you'll find some of our latest work, as well as archived posts from many years ago.  Having been full time for over 10 years means we have a lot to share!

The ATP Team consists of Abbie and her staff photographers, who have all trained and learned under Abbie for many years.  While Abbie is the lead photographer, Jen and Heather also shoot weddings for ATP.  We also have Rosemary and Karissa as our second photographers for weddings and our trusty ATP Office Manager, Cara.



Liz + Ellen: Married: Private Residence: St. Louis Wedding
Thursday, June 16, 2016
Liz + Ellen: Married: Private Residence: St. Louis Wedding

First of all - let me say how excited I am to announce that this wedding was published in the 2016 Spring/Summer issue St. Louis Bride Magazine!Liz & Ellen were married on one of the hottest days last summer.  However, the heat was never really a big factor in their day.  Everyone was so happy and laid back that it was one of the best weddings we shot last year!  They chose to get married in St. Louis at Ellen's parent's house.  It could quite possibly be one of my most favorite houses in this city.  From the incredible front and back yards, to the lovely charm that the architecture has... it just warms your heart the minute you pull up in the driveway. ...

Sarah + Bart: An Abbie Takes Pictures Wedding Day
Friday, November 08, 2013

Sarah and Bart came to ATP through one of our most favorite couples (Amanda & Casey Barrale: Married 2011!). From the moment I met Sarah and Bart, I've adored them! We went to lunch after their engagement session, and sat for hours just chatting and getting to know each other.  They are a fun, loving, and gracious couple, and it was our honor to photograph their big day. We had absolutely perfect weather, and a huge bridal party full of hilarious folks!!  Their families were truly attentive to everyone's needs throughout the day, and the emotions were so sweet and touching.  Lots of happy tears were shed that day! Here's a little bit more about the couple...ATP: How did ...

Andrew + Nicole: An Abbie Takes Pictures Engagement Session
Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet Andrew and Nicole. They are fun, warm-hearted, bubbly, passionate, and all-around good people. Within a few minutes of us meeting for the first time, I knew I liked them! We sat for several hours just sharing stories and hanging out (as I do with a lot of our couples), and we really connected. Nicole had a ton of great questions during their consultation, which showed me that she was really prepared for the meeting, and that she and Andrew really had done their research about wedding photography and what to look for in a wedding photographer. (THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!! I'll have a blog post that talks about that very soon!) One of my favorite things about engagement ...