Teilla + Taquan: Engaged: An Austin, Texas Abbie Takes Pictures Engagement Session
Wednesday, October 07, 2015
By Abbie
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One of the best perks of my job is that it allows me to travel and see so many new places.  I LOVE when my couples bring me to cities that are part of their history and it allows me to really tell their story.  This trip to Austin, Texas was no exception to the rule.

Teilla & Taquan met in St. Louis a few years ago and completely fell in love.  In late 2014, Taquan got a job offer in Austin, Texas that he couldn't turn down and before they knew it, they made Austin their new home.  Shortly after they moved, they booked ATP to capture their big day.  When we first chatted for their consultation and I heard about the new chapter of their lives beginning in their new city, I knew I wanted to photograph them there!

These guys invited me to stay with them in their home with them on my trip and were so incredibly hospitable.  We spent several days together exploring the city, visiting some amazing restaurants, and really getting to know each other.  

I even had the incredible honor of being able to photograph them in one of the most popular landmarks in Austin, Texas: Roadhouse Relics.  I stumbled upon Todd Sander's art studio while scouting locations. His building houses the very well-known "Greetings from Austin" postcard mural.  When I went by to take a look at it, I noticed that Todd was actually in his studio - which houses the very iconic neon "Austin" sign.  I couldn't help by knock on the door.  Before I knew it, over 2 hours had passed while Todd and I chatted all about our love of art, our appreciation for living a life of positivity, and he gave me a private tour of his workshop.  He invited me back the next day and offered up his studio space for me to photograph Teilla and TQ!


I seriously fell in love with the city of Austin, Texas.  I cannot wait to go back!

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