Welcome to the Abbie Takes Pictures Blog!  We are a fun, creative photography studio established in 2009 that focuses on capturing the true essence of who you are!  We are all about creating an incredible experience for you that is relaxed, memorable and empowering.

Here you'll find some of our latest work, as well as archived posts from many years ago.  Having been full time for over 10 years means we have a lot to share!

The ATP Team consists of Abbie and her staff photographers, who have all trained and learned under Abbie for many years.  While Abbie is the lead photographer, Jen and Heather also shoot weddings for ATP.  We also have Rosemary and Karissa as our second photographers for weddings and our trusty ATP Office Manager, Cara.



Abby + Patrick: Expecting
Monday, November 25, 2019
Elana + Alex: A St. Louis Union Station Wedding

Abby and Patrick are one of our ATP Wedding Couples, married in 2017.  These two are simply adorable, loving, hilarious and quite honestly -- very hard working.  Abby is a school counselor and is very dedicated to her students.  Patrick is a lawyer that runs a family law firm, which takes up a lot of his time.  When they decided it was time to start a new chapter in their lives, they knew it would be a big shift in their relationship and their worlds, but they were ready.Abby says, "Having a baby, especially a baby girl, has given me a new perspective on what it means to have balance and what kind of mother I want to be. Am I someone Ellie will be proud of? How are my ...

Ali + Ryan: A Road Trip Themed Engagement Session
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Elana + Alex: A St. Louis Union Station Wedding

Ali + Ryan's engagement session is one of my all-time favorite sessions I've ever done.  When I first met them, even before they signed a contract with me, we talked about things they like to do together.  The very first thing they said (in unison) was "ROAD TRIPS!!".   I don't remember the next 1-2 minutes of what we talked about after that because my brain was swirling with engagement session ideas.  I even knew who I wanted to contact for a vintage car to make the shoot even more special (Hello, Kyle!).I do remember that they told me their favorite road trip snacks, that they have a map and a notebook that they play games and take notes during all of their trips ...

Amy + Ken: Married at NEO on Locust
Monday, October 21, 2019
Elana + Alex: A St. Louis Union Station Wedding

Amy & Ken tied the knot on June 15, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri. The morning was a bit rainy but luckily the clouds parted and the sun came out to shine down on their beautiful nuptials. They were beaming all morning while they got ready surrounded by family and friends. The Best Man surprised Ken with a heartfelt gift - a tie in memory of his best friend that passed away. It was incredibly touching! As you can see from the photos, the first look blew Ken away! *ALL the heart eyes emojis*  Also - we loved that Amy's Maid of Honor (Erika) is also an ATP Bride and got married 2 months later.  The #ATPfamily roots are strong with this crowd!Our main concern on their wedding day ...

Cara + Matt: Married: by Heather: ATP Associate Photographer
Tuesday, October 08, 2019
Elana + Alex: A St. Louis Union Station Wedding

Cara & Matt were married on a gorgeous spring day in St. Louis. Cara was the Maid of Honor for a previous ATP Bride, Megan Rammacher, all the way back in 2012. Of course, Megan was Cara's Matron of Honor and now had the chance to stand next to Cara on her wedding day! One of our very favorite things here at ATP is to see friendships grow throughout the years, like we have with Cara and Megan (and now the beautiful families they have created!).Cara & Matt's wedding party looked pretty different compared to most. Cara has been a nanny in St. Louis for almost 10 years and adores all of the little "nuggets" in her life, including their family and their friend's little nuggets. There ...

Amber + Courtney: Married.
Thursday, August 15, 2019
Elana + Alex: A St. Louis Union Station Wedding

From Abbie:Amber has been my best friend since December of 2002 when we reconnected after college.  It was an instant, easy friendship.  We've been through everything together and I can't imagine doing this life without her by my side.  I knew, in 2007, when she first started talking about Courtney that he was different than anyone else she had ever dated.  I also knew she felt differently about him then she had felt about anyone else before.  She blushed when she talked about him and got giggly -- which is always a sign that a girl is smitten. :)Fast forward 10 years: I head up to Chicago (where Amber and Courtney now live) to visit.  I park my car, Amber ...