What is Personal Brand Photography?

Did you know that the average person reads only 20% of a web page but will view every image?

Your business' image is its reputation.  Let us style and shoot imagery that matches your branding and truly makes you stand out from the crowd!

Personal branding photography is a relatively new aspect of visual branding, with savvy business owners jumping on board to take their branding to the next level.  Headshots are definitely incorporated into personal branding sessions, but we don’t stop there! We delve deep into not just who you are visually, but telling the story of what & why you do what you do. We capture detail shots, lifestyle shots, photos of you in action, you with your products, clients, employees, etc. The possibilities are endless, and each session is completely customized to best reflect the type of business you run and the message you wish to convey about your brand.

These sessions also differ from our regular sessions in that we include the digital files. You will end up investing more into this type of session than you would with a headshot session, simply because you’re getting a wider variety of images, and more time spent with planning, consulting, and finally, shooting. The end goal is to help you be more profitable in your business, so think of these images as a true investment in your brand.

Our goal is for you to book a Branding Membership with us that will get you fresh, updated content on a recurring basis based on what you need for your business!


  • Planning Meetings
  • Vision Boards
  • Style Consultations
  • Outfits Guides: Choosing the Perfect Outfits
  • Location Planning and Styling
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Posing
  • Social Media Planning
  • Editing
  • Full Image Release
  • Full-size Files are included with every package!