Ali + Ryan: A Road Trip Themed Engagement Session
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
By Abbie Takes Pictures
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Ali + Ryan's engagement session is one of my all-time favorite sessions I've ever done.  When I first met them, even before they signed a contract with me, we talked about things they like to do together.  The very first thing they said (in unison) was "ROAD TRIPS!!".   I don't remember the next 1-2 minutes of what we talked about after that because my brain was swirling with engagement session ideas.  I even knew who I wanted to contact for a vintage car to make the shoot even more special (Hello, Kyle!).

I do remember that they told me their favorite road trip snacks, that they have a map and a notebook that they play games and take notes during all of their trips and that they use the same suitcases and pack pretty much the same things every time.  Ali even mentioned that she had a road trip t-shirt! (You can see all of these things in the pics below.). They also mentioned that their Save-The-Date featured A&W Rootbeer and RC Cola cans... which are their initials (Ali Watson and Ryan Chaney).  I mean... how cute is that???  I knew I had to feature this in their photos... as well as their road trip mascot, Darla the Duck.

We started the session at their house, the first home they've owned together.  We then made a stop at the gas station to gas up and grab snacks (their favorites? Nibs and Chex Mix, of course!) After that, we hit the road!  We also made a stop when the sunlight got just right for some gorgeous photos in a perfect field.  It was an absolute dream of a day... these two were game for anything I wanted to try.   It was one of those days where I had to pinch myself when I got home.  I still can't believe I get to create and tell cool stories like this for a living!

It also goes without saying, but a huge thanks goes out to Kyle Cross for the use of his 1969 Transporter VW Bus.

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