I'm a people person.

I'm so in love with my job that I can't imagine doing anything else. 

I LOVE music almost as much as I love photography and love going to concerts. 

I'm a Kate Spade junkie.

My laugh is ridiculous.

I have two cats that are totally cool.

I love the ocean.

I'm a goofball at heart.

I'm a total sap, which means I just might cry at your wedding.

My cameras help me tell the world who I am.

I have the best friends that a girl could ever ask for and I'm lucky enough to say that several of them are a part of the ATP Team.

My main philosophy in life is that positivity breeds positivity... this is what keeps me going every single day!

Watch this. It's super cool. http://youtu.be/_JITCfaC1ag 

(Not kidding. It's awesome!)

Also, check me out in action: 



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